Save Wallum
Save Wallum is a grassroots community-led campaign. We would love you to join us in our efforts to SAVE WALLUM! It’s the 11th hour and we must act now!
Our Purpose 
Wallum is a rare and beautiful ecosystem, in Brunswick Heads, under threat of destruction in 2023. A large luxury housing development by developer Clarence Property has been approved, without fair public consultation, right on top of Wallum. The community is up in arms about having not been fairly consulted, as well as the ecological and natural disaster risks inherent in this DA. Approvals aren’t allowed over this type of ecosystem anymore, and it has gotten through only because it is a Zombie Development. Zombie Developments are old and dormant DA’s, that wait in the grave like a Zombie to be resurrected; the problem with them is they get approved based on environmental and natural disaster legislation from a time in the past, without being accountable to current environmental and social standards and legislation, nor to local community values. Wallum ecology is the last of its kind in Brunswick Heads. It is a significant place ecologically, culturally and socially, offering a significant mental health resource to locals. Wallum is richly biodiverse, with multiple threatened species living between the wildflowers and the old-growth Scribbly Gum trees. Wallum’s characteristics are specific and created by ancient geological and hydrological processes, this ecology cannot be successfully engineered by development nor replicated for successful ecological regeneration. Wallum is mapped as flood-liable and fire-prone land. We cannot excuse the construction of any more homes in the path of these unstoppable natural disasters. We are in an extinction crisis. Australia is leading the way globally in species extinction and decline. The whole Wallum site is significant interwoven habitat for multiple threatened species. We are in a climate crisis. Ecosystem destruction, loss of biodiversity, and climate change are linked. Wallum is a significant carbon sink, hosting ancient peat soils known as Coffee-rock which sequesters double the carbon forests can. Coffee-rock is typically acid sulphate soil, storing large pockets of methane. If disturbed by machinery these gases releases into the atmosphere, adding significantly to atmospheric carbon, but unlike carbon, once released it cannot be re-sequestered. Biodiversity is ecologically critical, and essential to the survival of life on Earth. The effort to Save Wallum has united the community and we hope to support this special place to become the Wallum Wildflower Reserve.
 What are we doing? 
The Save Wallum team is working hard behind the scenes to cover all diplomatic avenues to support the community in their desire to protect and SAVE WALLUM. All funds received are going towards ecological reports to highlight the environmental values intrinsic in Wallum, but hidden from the DA to be communicated to politicians and decision makers, and for the EPBC referral to the federal government, campaign management costs such a technical resources and community engagement, and legal costs for appeals.
What can YOU do?
– Join the facebook group “Save Wallum – Brunswick Heads”. Where you can find important campaign updates, calls to action, stunning wildlife photography, and inclusive educational write-ups. – Spread the word into the wider community who can significantly support Save Wallum – Get a T-shirt printed with the Save Wallum hand-carved block print featuring the Glossy Black Cockatoo. – Donate – Sign our petitions – Send letters to politicians – Get involved – Volunteer your time, energy, and skills to the campaign. Fill out our sign-up form.
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Save Wallum
Save Wallum is a grassroots community-led campaign. We would love you to join us in our efforts to SAVE WALLUM! It’s the 11th hour and we must act now!
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